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The workshop registration fees are in the followings.

  • "EA VLBI" (June 17-19): KRW 150,000 (won)
  • "KVN-VERA" (June 20-21): KRW 100,000 (won)
  • "EA VLBI" + "KVN-VERA" (June 17-21): KRW 250,000 (won)

The above fee will cover the cost of coffee during breaks, lunches, and banquet.

Registration deadline: May 15, 2013


1. Participation in the workshop will be limited to 100 people.

2. Registration will bring you to the online registration page. Please complete the online form.
    Once you submit the online form, the LOC will post your name on the Participants page.
    If your name is not posted within two working days, please send an email to eavlbi@kasi.re.kr.

The registration has been closed.

* If you have any question about the registration process or need to change registration information, please contact eavlbi@kasi.re.kr.