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We plan to have an excursion trip. In this trip, we will visit Seongsan Ilchulbong (UNESCO World Natural Heritage), Jeju Folk Village Museum (a famous place for Daejanggeum), and Pyoseon Beach. Here are some of the details.

  • Date : June 20, 2013
  • Departure / Arrival : 8:30 am / 1:30 pm at the ShineVille Luxury Resort
  • Cost (including transportation cost, entrance fee and audio guide rental) : KRW 20,000 (won)


  Seongsan Ilchulbong : UNESCO World Natural Heritage

Jeju Island, created entirely from volcanic eruptions, is a beautiful island that is home to an alluring natural environment. Seongsan (holy mountain) Ilchulbong (sunrise peak) has long been considered holy by Jeju natives. The crater of Seongsan Ilchulbong consists of 99 rock peaks along its rim that look as if they are protecting the crater and forming a castle. For that reason, the basin was considered to be holy, and thus was named "Seongsan".
  Jeju Folk Village

Folk culture, which also means "living" itself, reflects the feeling and sprit of the folk. Jeju Folk Village Museum exhibits a comprehensive collection of traditional folk articles from the island, which were mostly prevalent around the 1890's. Since March 2006, Daeganggeum Mini Theme Park located at the Jeju Folk Village, offers various things for visitors to see. Many of the scenes from episodes 27 to 32 of the historical drama, in which Jang-geum learns medicine as a maid were filmed at Jeju Folk Village. In order to fit the theme of Daeganggeum, the separate locations have joined together, and are now open to tourists. Visitors can appreciate the amazing scenic beauty of Jeju as well as experience the traditional culture of Jeju at this theme park.
  Pyoseon Beach

Seogwipo City's Pyoseon Beach is quite a large beach, taking up more than 150,000 m2. During low tides, the beach looks like an elegant circle, and it becomes a circular lake with less than 1 meter deep during high tides, displaying different colors. The beach is a great place for children to play and for watching the sunrise. The sand on the beach is formed out of broken shells and sand baths are believed to be effective for people suffering from neuralgia. Every August, this beautiful beach hosts the Pyoseon White Sand Festival that offers fun, colorful events. The beach is equipped with excellent amenities (a campground, abundant parking space, dressing rooms and shower rooms) and surrounded by nearby attractions such as Seongeup Folk Village and Jeju Folk Village Museum.