Final Circular on June 11 2013

1. Workshop Venue

The workshop will be held in the Ophrys room on the 1st floor of LUXURYville. Registration desk will be open at 8:30 am on Monday (17th of June) in front of the Ophrys room.

2. Registration fee

Registration fees are 150,000 KRW for EA-VLBI workshop, 100,000 KRW for KVN-VERA WG meeting, and 250,000 KRW for both. It should be paid at the registration desk by CASH ONLY. It will cover the reception on Sunday, the banquet on Monday, and coffee breaks and all lunches during the workshop.

3. Transportation

You can take a taxi from the Jeju International Airport to the Shineville Resort. It will cost ~40,000 KRW. The map and direction is available in the resort web page. Korean version of direction for the taxi driver is available in

4. Reception

There will be an reception on Sunday night (June 16th) at 7 to 8:30 pm in a bar named 'Opdegang' in the resort. Beers and light snacks will be served. Note that it will not be enough for a meal. Please come and enjoy the people and atmosphere of the resort.

5. Meals & Banquet

Some breads will be provided in the morning at the workshop venue, which may not enough for a meal.
Breakfast at the resort restaurant will be provided at a discounted price, 20,000 KRW, when you identify yourself as a participant of this workshop at the restaurant.
There is a small convenient store in the first basement level. You may can find simple stuffs there.
The Banquet will be held on Monday night at the barbecue garden near the Ocean Pool. Please come and enjoy the meal and the outdoor view of Jeju.

6. Logistics

The room type of Shine Suite shared by four people is now offered at a price of 35,000 KRW instead of 40,000. Prices for other room types are the same.