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The 6th East Asia VLBI Workshop 2013

2013 June 17-19, Jeju Island, Korea

The Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute is pleased to host the 6th East Asia VLBI workshop 2013. It will be held in Jeju Island, the biggest and most beautiful island in Korea.

Compared with western countries, there have been quite active VLBI (Very Long Baseline Interferometry) activities in East Asia for the last couple of years. A combined network of the newly operating KVN (Korean VLBI Network) and the Japanese VERA (VLBI Exploration of Radio Astrometry) started to produce its scientific results. China has set up an ambitious plan to launch two radio antennas for space VLBI. Taiwan has started to set up the ALMA prototype antenna in the Greenland. The aim of this workshop is to bring astronomers and engineers in East Asia together and provides a place to present their scientific and engineering works. It will also serve a good opportunity to enhance regional collaborations through the East Asian VLBI Consortium.

Chinese could come to Jeju without VISA. However, if you need documents for VISA, please send an email to this address eavlbi@kasi.re.kr.

Only 100 people will be accommodated in the hotel. Please register yourself as soon as possible. The registration deadline is May 15, 2013.

Scientific Organizing Committee

Dr. ASADA, Keiichi; ASIAA, Taiwan
Dr. CHO, Se-Hyung; KASI, Korea
Dr. INOUE, Makoto; ASIAA, Taiwan
Dr. KIM, Jongsoo; KASI, Korea
Porf. KOBAYASHI, Hideyuki; NAOJ, Japan
Dr. LIU, Xiang; XAO (Xinjiang), China
Dr. NIINUMA, Kotaro; Yamaguchi Univ., Japan
Prof. SHEN, Zhiqiang; SAO, China

The 5th KVN-VERA Science Working Group Meeting

2013 June 20-21, Jeju Island, Korea

In addition to the East Asia VLBI Workshop, there will be the 5th KVN-VERA science working group meeting at the same place. The main purpose of this meeting is to discuss on scientific results and future observing proposals for the KVN+VERA. The program of this meeting has not been fixed yet, but it will be mostly composed of discussion sessions with shorter presentations. Most of the participants of this meeting might be people related to the KVN and the VERA. If you want to take part in both meetings or either of them, please register yourself in the "Registration" session.

Local Organizing Committee

Jongsoo Kim, Miju Kang, Won-Ju Kim, Jeewon Lee, Jeong-Sook Kim, Bong Won Sohn, Taehyun Jung, A Ran Lyo, Hyunwoo Kang, Gwanjeong Kim, Min-Ji Kim, Jin Seung Jung, Dong Kyu Jung, Chang-Hee Kim, Youngjoo Yun, Jungmin Seen, Sin Cheol Kang, Ji-Hyun Kang, Jeong Ae Lee, Jaeheon Kim, Jiman Kang


This workshop is supported by KASI.

Contact Points

If you have questions or comments on these meetings, please send email to the organizing committee at eavlbi@kasi.re.kr